Heres How It Works

There’s two ways I can do it…

1. You can bring me your bouquet and have me press it and redesign it in a frame of your choice

2. You can choose something I have already made


Your bouquet can be dropped off at the location and I will carefully take it apart and press them. Once they are dried I will try to arrange them back best I can to how they began, with the frame of your choice


I have lots of sample and pre-made stickers, frames and other things. I’m planning on trying a few new things which I will add eventually. Jus note I will never have two the exact same floral frames, but sometimes they will be in the same category because they use the same colours and flower.

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Christina Neustaeter
a year ago

Heyy 👋🏻 what do you charge to press wedding bouquets?